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Charlotte Tilbury: Magic Foundation Review

Wednesday, 30 September 2015
I've been a convert of Charlotte Tilbury since my birthday, you can read my CT first impressions post here. So obviously when I heard she was bringing out a new foundation, I was looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Netflix Top Picks.

Sunday, 27 September 2015
We all have a pretty deep relationship with Netflix and I'm no exception, if anything I probably watch more than the average. I have a very wide taste in films and TV and will give anything a shot so I thought I'd write a post about the things I've really loved and really recommend.

Begin Again (2014)
The first thing that springs to mind is a film called Begin Again. This is a Rom Com about an aspiring singer and a down and out producer who meet in a bar, you can probably predict what's going to happen. But the thing that really stood out to me in the this film was the use of emotion with music and how music can bring us close together or tear us apart. Plus a little Mark Ruffalo is a winner with me!

Arrested Development (2003)

This is an American comedy TV show about a really strange family that can't seem to live with each other...or without each other for that matter. This isn't a laugh out loud kind of comedy but a really clever witty kind of comedy that I really didn't expect to like but was kind of charmed by it. It also has a healthy does of completely insane stuff that will keep you thinking 'what just happened?!'. Besides a young, awkward and kinda adorable young Michael Cera is fun to watch.

Video Game High School (2012)

Video Game High School was a happy accident I came across one random evening. Working in the video game industry myself and being a gamer,  this intrigued me. I have to admit this doesn't have the best storyline but feels familiar. As a gamer the idea of this is really cool and made me feel normal rather than an outsider. I'd give this a go if you like games and want to have a giggle, just be aware you'll probably get sucked in by the characters.

Orange Is The New Black (2013)

I'm sure everyone already knows about this programme but just in case you missed it, I really love this show. The characters completely suck you in, particularly the back stories and before you know it you've watched half a season and 6 hours of your life has gone. The last season Nick and I sat and watched the whole season back to back, yep, that's 13-14 hours in a row. Just a pity it's a year wait for the next season.

The US Office (2005)

Now I have to admit I wasn't really a big fan of the UK version, I didn't quite 'get' the awkward humour. The first season of the US Office is basically a copy word for word however after a couple of seasons it becomes it's own. I seriously love this show, I've laughed, cringed and cried (and I mean sobbed like a baby) along with them all like they were my own friends. I cried so much at the finale I don't think I've gotten over it yet, and when I do, I'll go right back to the start and re-watch them because I love this so much. This is a typical US Comedy show but give it time and I think you'll love Dwight Schrute as much as I do.

Louis Theroux Documentaries (1998 - 2015)

Netflix has a pretty big collection of Louis's weird and wonderful documentaries. A lot of them are from the 90's but there are also some really recent ones from 2014. I love these doco's as they are so varied, anything from the Porn Industry, Nazi's, America's Most Hated Family to Michael Jackson, gambling to plastic surgery. I really recommend these if you are in the mood to learn about different cultures and people. 

What are you loving from Netflix?, I'd love to hear your favourites!


Polaroid Series: Instax Mini 10

Sunday, 20 September 2015
I have always been interested in Polaroid Cameras, I remember asking for my first camera for my 11th birthday, back then the film was much easier to get a hold of and I went around snapping friends and family.  

Fast forward 15 years and my collection has grown dramatically, I have a large variety of shapes and sizes, with beautifully preserved vintages cameras, to the modern makes and I just love them!

I feel Polaroid photographs are something really special, something you can hold, watch develop and own forever unlike the thousands of pictures you can take on your phone that later get deleted when you eventually run out of storage. For me, Polaroids are capturing a moment in time and to me, even the ones the go 'wrong' can still be beautiful.

I thought I'd put together a little mini Polaroid Series here on my blog to talk about all the different shapes and sizes, prices, techniques, advice on cameras and film and hope to get some more people interested in such a cool hobby. 

Tsum Tsum: The Beginnings Of An Obsession!

Monday, 14 September 2015
Nick bought me my first Tsum Tsum for my birthday this year because I'd seen them around the bloggersphere (totally blame Jemma!) and have always been obsessed with Disney.

The combination of cute, cuddly and Disney is just a combination of the gods, hats off to the design team.

So I headed into my local Clintons Cards which sells Tsum Tsums in a lovely display window and went about trying to pick up the next couple I wanted. I already had Tigger, so seeing as Piglet is my favourite Pooh character, I couldn't resist buying him. I love pigs, for those that don't know I actually have a piglet tattoo, I'm sure I'll post about my tattoos at some point!. His little ears and nose are the sweetest!

Then next I picked up Dumbo because I've actually wanted him for ages, he's SO cute, look at that little trunk and floppy ears! I also think his little hat and the detail of his blushed cheeks are funny and charming.

So I headed to the check out with my 2 new little additions feeling kind of sad about buying soft toys at my age but secretly giddy like a school girl and the cashier lady said if I signed up for email I CAN GET ANOTHER ONE FOR FREE. Yep that's right, write an email address on a piece of paper and you get a free one, so obviously I did so and decided on picking up Bambi as my third option.

Bambi's black tipped ears and the little tuft of hair on the top of his head made me pick him, such cute little details! I've also been a huge fan of Bambi since I was a kid, even my first pet rabbit was called Thumper, so I just had to pick this little fella up and even better he was free!

The only problem I have now, is trying to 1. Not buy every single one I see and 2. Try and pick which ones I want next!

So this is where I ask for your guys helps! Let me know from the poll below which one you think I should pick up next! :)


Which Tsum Tsum should I buy next?!

Sven (Frozen)
Marie (Aristocats)
Rajah (Aladdin)
Gus (Cinderella)

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Harry Potter Studios Haul.

Friday, 11 September 2015
If you didn't know that Nick got me tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour for my birthday, then where have you been?! But he did and it was frikkin' awesome and of course we spent a bunch of money in the gift shop. So if you are a HP fan scroll down and commence being jealous.. :)

Harry Potter Studio Tour Adventure.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015
For any one that is not a fan of Harry Potter, this post probably isn't for you, so I'll forgive you just this once if you click away now!

As someone that loved this day SO much and wouldn't want the magic to be taken away from the experience, I'm going to really condense down the photos to just my favourites so it doesn't ruin it all for you!

I would seriously highly recommend this day out for even the smallest of Harry Potter fans, as Nick hadn't even read all the books (*huge gasp* I know!) but he really enjoyed the whole day, so even parents/partners/whoeverelseyou'vedraggedalong might actually find themselves having a magical time.

Charlotte Tilbury First Impressions.

Sunday, 6 September 2015
If you read my birthday haul you'd know I got my first couple of make up items from Charlotte Tilbury after wanting them for SO long. I was lucky enough to pick out 2 pieces I wanted from the collection to start off with, so I wanted to give you my first impressions of the items after they the brand gets so much hype.

What I got for my birthday.

Thursday, 3 September 2015
It was my birthday at the end of August and I've been lavished with gifts again! I enjoy seeing what other people get for their birthday so I thought I'd share mine, so this is not a bragging post just a sharing post.

So lets dive in!