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My Wedding Day Details.

Sunday, 11 December 2016
On your wedding day, what they say really is true, it goes so quickly that everything is kind of a blur. Saying that sometimes it's the little things that really make the day special, they're little reminders of moments throughout the day. I wanted to share a few of my wedding day details that I loved about my day and what made it special for me. Those things that everyone else probably didn't notice but I absolutely loved.

Before I start I'd like to mention that the photography in this post is by my amazing wedding photographers Pour Toujours Photography. I could never have taken such amazing photos myself, so huge shout out to them!

One of the most important things for me was having a signature scent. I've always loved perfume, it's one of those luxury items I like to invest in because they last for years and who doesn't like to smell amazing? I'd been scoping out some new scents in Boots for ages and I came across Giorgio Armani - Si. I fell in love with it instantly and was being that girl who goes in to spray herself with it whenever possible, I just knew that it had to be my wedding scent. It smells fruity with a hint of vanilla and I wish I could smell like this forever, so I decided to invest in a huge bottle of this to dowse myself in it on the day and to have as a gorgeous reminder of the day whenever I wear it.

Sweet Allure My Wedding Day Details.

The next thing I want to talk about is shoes. I had quite a dilemma deciding on shoes, I wanted to be feminine and cute but I also wanted to be comfortable, warm and dry. I went back and forth in my head until pretty much the morning of the wedding but ended up wearing these goldy/champagne coloured pumps from ASOS. I didn't really want to wear these because they were super painful but I just bandaged up my feet with plenty of plasters and I didn't feel anything for the entire day! I'm glad I wore these, they were cute just peeping out of the front of my dress on some photos...although I do secretly wish I'd also worn my converse! The teenager in me wanted that cool wedding shot with me in my converse, I did take them with me to the reception in case a change of footwear was needed but it was absolutely fine in the end!
 Sweet Allure My Wedding Day Details.

I need to talk to you all about my flowers because I'm super proud of them. As most of you probably know, everything to do with weddings is pretty expensive, including flowers. I decided that I couldn't justify spending so much money on fresh flowers so decided to hunt down some fake flowers. I actually found my flowers in a wedding outlet store, they were meant to be used as table/decoration flowers but I cut them down to make my bouquet. I knew I wanted peonies and when I'd found some white and peachey/pink roses to go with it, it all came together perfectly! I added some filler little springs and with the help of my friend Gemma we arranged them and bound them all together with ribbon and string. I think fake flowers are not only amazingly cheap and look just like real flowers but you can also put them in a vase and have them around your home forever more! I'm planning on having mine on the side in the living room next to a framed photo from the wedding, such a cute little reminder.

Sweet Allure My Wedding Day Details.

Writing about these things has made me want to look at all my wedding photo's all over again but I hope this gave you a little more insight into the little details about my wedding day! I can't believe it's been almost 2 months already, I can't quite believe I'm a wife!

If you still haven't got enough of the wedding talk, I'm planning on sharing some of my favourite wedding photo's with you in a blog post really soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

If you've recently gotten married, let me know what your favourite little details were from your day? or if there is anything else you want to know, please let me know in the comments!

9 comments on "My Wedding Day Details."
  1. Tarnya, I absolutely love these pics, they're stunning, your day looked stunning, you are stunning! Love it. Congrats btw x

    Sarah | <3

  2. Everything just looks gorgeous, your day sounded absolutely beautiful! Congratulations

    Han xx

  3. Every little bit of detail in your wedding is absolutely stunning, my bridesmaid had fake flowers and no-one was none the wiser! Your dress is stunning too!
    Bee |

  4. How beautiful!! Your flowers are utterly gorgeous and I love the idea of getting a special perfume for the day and that was a great choice too.

  5. What an absolutely adorable idea for a post for you special day! Your photos are insane too lovely ... you looked beautiful! It's probably very late and I think I may have already said it but congratulations on your big day beautiful !

  6. How gorgeous are these photos! You should definitely share more of them!

    I utterly love your dress and bouquet - so clever to make your own from what would have been a table decoration!

    Congratulations again, I'm so glad you had such a magical day :)

    Katie | KNEL xx

  7. Stunning photos. I love those shoes, they're so cute. And fake flowers - what a great idea. I've been cringing at the flower bill (getting married late 2017) and worrying about how I can afford it. I hadn't even thought of fake flowers! x x

  8. Those flowers look amazing, I'd always thought fake flowers look a little too plastic - maybe I've been looking in the wrong places! Have to have a little hunt down for some home decorations :)

  9. Your wedding dress is beautiful! I am getting married in 3 months, literally as of today, and I cannot wait. And omg your flowers do look real! I bought a signature scent for my wedding too: Givenchy Dahlia Noir :) it matches the locations of my ceremony and reception sites